1. Scholarships & Financial Assistance Management
    1. Manage the financial resources meant for student´s welfare.
    2. Liaison with donor agencies for students’ scholarships, financial assistance, loans etc.

  2. Students Counseling
    1. Psychoanalysis of students during their academic pursuits keeping in view their academic and non academic strengths and weakness to match the in-house talent with needs of the market (Selection of subjects - background, conduct, interest, place of living, anticipated place of employment, nature of employment, social factors etc.).
    2. Actuation/motivation of students towards acquisition of required traits and polishing their in-born traits to meet the demand of business/research environment. Inculcating the importance of human resources, professional training, managerial skills through human organization models, employee loyalty & national expectations through group discussions and seminars
    3. Recommendation of skill enhancement and further studies

  3. Placement Assistance
    1. Develop linkages among prospective employers and the students/graduates.
    2. Receipt of vacancy announcement from prospective employers and its dissemination to the graduates through electronic mail.
    3. Arrange Pre-selection of students (who are about to complete their studies) by arranging get together, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, job fairs etc. with Prospective employers.
    4. Seek vacation employment contracts to meet the financial hardships of the students.
    5. Serve selectionerv centre and confidential interview facilities for the public/private organizations on cost fee bases.
    6. Arrangements of the visits of the delegates/Prospective employers and their discussions with faculty and students of relevant departments regarding the emerging needs and training of the students in same direction.
    7. Arrangements for inculcating the graduate the techniques to develop CV, impart interview and communication skills, etc.

  4. Alumni Organization
    1. Compilation of graduates’ database according to their subjects, sharing and dissemination of news about employment opportunities/scholarships, events at the campus etc. electronically.
    2. Organizing and strengthening the Alumni.