Continuing its mission of quality education PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi awarded 4715 Degrees with 41 Gold Medals awarded at its 23rd Convocation.

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi (PMAS AAUR) has awarded a total of 4715 degrees to the students of undergraduates, graduates, M.Phil and PhDs scholars at its 23rd convocation 2022, here on Thursday.

During the ceremony 64 students received PhD degrees, 1467 were awarded M.Phil/Masters degrees, while 3184 students got undergraduate degrees in their respective disciplines.

Gold medals were awarded to 41 students on their outstanding performance in their academic record while 24 bagged silver and 24 secured bronze medals in the convocation. Despite one gold medal for the best performer of Arid literacy Center along with two sponsored Gold medals by Bank of Punjab were also awarded.

In her address, the guest of honour of the ceremony Chairperson of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad Dr Shaista Sohail congratulated all the graduate students, especially those who received the distinctions, and said that education not only plays an imperative role in the development of an individual life but also in the economic and social development of the country.

She said that knowledge not only guarantees a better future but also makes him a person to play an important role in economic and social development.

The education of Science and technology has become an important need of the hour but to pass on our culture, geography, history and national heritage to the next generation we need to change our education system which will make us a distinct identity in the world, she said.

Talking about the need for quality education, she further said that by improving our education system and providing quality education we will not only enable our students to get quality education in their own country but by attracting foreign students, from a Significant foreign the exchange will also be possible, which will strengthen the national economy.

She advised the students not to end their hard work and efforts here but to make it more stable in their lives which would not only brighten the name of Pakistan but also make the country prosperous.

She advised the students that their purpose and hard work should not end today but by continuing the same hard work and dedication they will pave the way for the prosperity of the country as well as their personal lives.

Earlier, in his welcome address, the Vice-Chancellor PMAS-AAUR Prof. Dr Qamar-uz-Zaman gave a detailed brief about the university, academic & research activities, prominent statistics and other related matters with a message from the Chancellor for the students to congratulate them for completing & achieving their degrees.

Dr Qamar-uz-Zaman said that Arid Agriculture University has made substantial efforts to improve academic and research activities along with enhancement of financial resources as the University has been awarded several development projects by provincial and federal governments amounting to billions.

While highlighting the university's efforts towards quality education, faculty and students' career-building he said that the University has successfully organized 350 National, International workshops, seminars, webinars, symposiums and conferences to share & transfer knowledge in different scientific fields within and out of the country with 1200 Research Papers published in the well-reputed National and International journals.

The strong link between academia and industry is the backbone of any country's development and Arid University has taken exemplary steps to reach the end-user, he said.

At the end of the ceremony, he urged the graduates to continue their hard work with dedication and commitment in the practical ventures of their lives to achieve the similar success and joyful movement they are cherishing today.

He thanked all the faculty, and administration staff for making this event successful, especially the Guest of Honor for taking some of her precious time to brighten up our historic day.

PhDs Degree Awardees
Muhammad Shahid Siddique (Agronomy), MishkatUllah (Entomology), NoushabaNargis (Entomology), RehanaBibi (Entomology), Muhammad Sajid Qureshi (Entomology), Muhammad Tariq Rasheed (Entomology), Muhammad Ajmal Bashir (Horticulture), Muhammad Aftab(Horticulture), GhulamRasool (PBG), Kashif Ahmed (PBG), Mariam Khurshid (PBG), Salman Ghuffar (Plant Pathology), Muhammad Iqbal (Botany), Seema Hassan Satti (Botany), Maimona Saeed (Botany), NadeemMunawar (Wildlife Management), RukhsanaKhatoon (Wildlife Management), Muhammad Saeed (Wildlife Management), NaginaGilani (Zoology), HasinaBasharat (Zoology), HumaAyub (Zoology), SadiaLiaquat (Zoology), Nosheen Rashid (Zoology), Muazzam Ali Khan (Zoology), Muhammad Bilal Anwar (Zoology), MehvishNaseer Ahmed (Zoology), Saira Saeed (Economics), Touqeer Ahmad (Economics), SaimaAsad (Economics), Tehmina Yasmin (Economics), JavariaIlyas (Education), Sidra Kiran (Education), MehwishJabeen (Education), Muhammad Moin (Education), Shamasud Din (Sociology), Ahmad Waqas (Agricultural Engineering), Asif Ali (Agricultural Engineering), NailaSajjad (Biochemistry), SyedaHira (Biochemistry), Amna Muhammad (Biochemistry), Syed IrtizaHussain Shah Gardezi (Biochemistry), TehseenRubbab (Biochemistry), HumairaHussain (Biochemistry), Maria Mushtaq (Biochemistry), Farah Bibi (Biochemistry), Mudassir Ali Qazalbash (Food Technology), WajihaFarid (Food Technology), Sana urRehman (Soil Science), Abida Noreen (Environmental Sciences), Iftikhar Ahmad Khan (Remote Sensing & GIS), Muhammad Amin (Remote Sensing & GIS), SairaMunawar (Remote Sensing & GIS), Rubab Tahir (Management Science), Abaidullah Anwar (Management Science), Muhammad SabihJaved (Management Science), Muhammad Munir Ahmad (Management Science), AamirAmanat (Management Science), Hasan Ali Mughal (Management Science), Muhammad Mansoor Ali (Management Science), Amber Sarwar Hashmi (Computer Science), Atif Ali (Computer Science), Nasir Mahmood (Computer Science), Sadia Ali (Computer Science), Ghulam Mustafa (Computer Science).

Gold Medalists
Ayesha Zainab (B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture (Food Technology), Zahra Fatima Imtiaz (BS (Forestry), Qurat Ul Ain Nezami (M.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture (Agronomy), KainatImtiaz (M.Sc. (Zoology), Ayesha Firdous (M.Sc. (Mathematics), HafsaJabeen (M.Sc. (Statistics), Hamza Saleem (M.Phil. (Statistics), AbeehaAamir (BS (Economics), Zain-Ul-Abideen (M.Sc. (Economics), Laraib Fatima Hassan (M.Sc. (Criminology), Rafia (DVM), Muhammad Ali Khan (B.Sc. (Agricultural Engineering), Mahnoor Kamal (BS (Geo-Informatics), RidaAbbasi (BS (Environmental Sciences), Rohma Jamil (BS (Biochemistry), AamnahAslam (BS (Microbiology), Malaika (M.Sc. (Biochemistry), RidaAnwaar (B.Sc. (Honors) HND), Tasadaq Ahmad (B.Sc. (Honors) Dairy Technology), SamraArif (BBA (Honors), Ahmed Fizad (BS (Commerce), RabeeaAftab (MBA), SyedaKainat Ahmed (BS CS), MehveenZaman (BS SE), Khadija Shahid (BS CS), Faizanullah (BS IT), Muhammad UbaidAlam (MCS), Esha Malik (BBA(Honors), Muhammad Moiz (BS CS), NidaKayani (MCS), Iqra Yasmeen (BSCS), Saba Naseer (M.Sc. (Mathematics), Muhammad Ahmar (BBA (Honors), Basit Ali Chaudhry (BS CS), Saba (BS IT), Humayun Babar (BBA (Honors), AwaisIlyasBaig (BS CS), Abdul Aziz (BS IT), Qaswa Ahmed (M.Sc. (Mathematics), Muhammad Zain Ali (BS CS), Ayesha Adeeb (BS CS)

Bank of Punjab Sponsored Medalist
Ayesha Zainab (B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture (Food Technology), SyedaKainat Ahmed (BS CS)

The Literacy Center Gold Medalist
Mahnoor Tariq (Literacy Centre, Class-IV)

Silver Medalists
Tayyaba Mahboob (B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture (Soil Science), Muhammad Umair (BS (Forestry), Aleena Pervaiz (BS (Economics), Saad Umar (DVM), IkramUllah Khan (B.Sc. (Agricultural Engineering), Muhammad Ismail (BS (Environmental Sciences), WaniaAreej (BS (Biochemistry), AnumBatool (BS (Microbiology), Ayesha Jamil (B.Sc. (Honors) HND), Ameer Hamza (B.Sc. (Honors) Dairy Technology), Saba Sohrab (BBA (Honors), WajihaGul (BS (Commerce), Muhammad Saqib (BS CS), SadiaArooj (BS IT), FaizanShoukatAbbasi (BS SE), Kamran Khan (BS CS), KomalRauf (BBA(Honors), Ayesha Akram (BS CS), AmbreenAshfaq (BBA (Honors), Maryium Khalid (BS IT), FakhadAyub (BBA (Honors), JameelHussain (BS CS), RumshaZameer (BS CS), MehwishShahzadi (BS CS)

Bronze Medalists
Um-E-Kalsoom (B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture (Food Technology), Sehrish Fatima (BS (Forestry), Rabbia Sultan (BS (Economics), QasirShahzad (DVM), Umar Sultan (B.Sc. (Agricultural Engineering), Osama Iqbal (BS (Geo-Informatiocs), KiranShahzadi (BS (Environmental Sciences), IqraAkhlaq Malik (BS (Biochemistry), Ayesha Hameed (BS (Microbiology), NosheenNaz (B.Sc. (Honors) HND), MaryumNaseer (BBA (Honors), Eman Jamil (BS (Commerce), UsamaIshtiaq (BS CS), Muhammad Muneeb (BS IT), Muhammad Asif (BS SE), Muhammad MuddaserNisar (BS CS), AwaisQadir (BS IT), TouqeerRafaqat (BBA (Honors), KhurramSarfraz (BS CS), WajeehaWaheed (BS CS), MuqaddasRamzan (BS IT), NailaRiaz (BBA (Honors), ZainabJaved (BS CS), SaqibJaved (BS CS)