About SRC

In this era of competition, those producers survive who not only increase the level of output but also improve its quality and marketing. Same guiding rule is also applicable on the universities as well. The universities producing highly skilled graduates accompanied by necessary arrangements in marketing of their services are considered successful with prominent ranking. Realizing the importance of aforesaid concept of increased output accompanied by improvement in its quality and marketing system; Prof. Dr. Khalid Mehmood Khan, S. I., Vice Chancellor of the university took a lead among public sector universities and established the University Placement Bureau (UPB) in 2006 for complete execution of following three-pronged policy of the university Vertical and horizontal expansion of academic programs and subsequent increased gross enrollment; Tangible improvement in academic and research standards; and facilitation of graduates in attainment of scholarships, internships and jobs through UPB. In 2009, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan took this policy in hand and desired public and private universities to establish their resource and consultation centers for graduates' welfare and university advancement. Thus, UPB was re-named as Students Resource Centre (SRC) in 2009 with an added goal of fund raising.